Reconstruction of real fatal accident

With the negative trend of serious accidents' consequences we believe it's time to present the danger of these accidents by showing footage of a real car crash with a tree.

About us

What can you imagine under the term „IN-DEPTH ROAD ACCIDENTS ANALYSIS“?

In-depth accidents analysis is a unique research activity conducted by Transport Research Centre (CDV). Data from In-depth Accident Analysis provide a comprehensive view of all the factors related to a particular accident and serve to identify the characteristics leading to the crash occurrence and how they affect its consequences.

In – depth Road Accident Analysis includes following research areas:

  • transport infrastructure,
  • ehicle design and construction,
  • human factor and psychology
  • medical research.

We conduct traffic accident research within the National Centre of Czech In-Depth Accidents Analysis (CzIDAS). One of its aims is cooperation with entities that could further use the results of research, for example road owners or administrators, vehicle designers and others. Our activities are realized in long-term horizon and all the research is subjected to strict conditions, including personal data protection.

What is our job?

We are team of specialists in fields of transport infrastructure, human factor in traffic and automotive technology.

Our task is to accurately analyse and determine how and why has the traffic accident occurred and what measures can be applied to prevent this accident from happening again. If we want to paint the picture of the case as a whole, we need to analyse in detail the entire chain of events which led to a traffic accident.

The aim of the on -site investigation is to collect all data related to the accident. The investigation team analyses accidents on spot immediately after accident occurrence.

Our results

As a part of the in-depth accident analysis, we also participate in several research projects and contribute to education. Our suggestions are also beneficial for modifying transport infrastructure and for car manufacturers.

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