In-depth accident analysis

It finds out their real causes.
It proposes effective measures, which will lead to elimination of the causes and thereby consequences of traffic accidents.

What to imagine under the term „IN-DEPTH ACCIDENTS ANALYSIS“?

In-depth accidents analysis is a unique research activity conducted by Transport Research Centre (CDV). It analyses selected traffic accidents with injuries in detail in the South Moravian Region.

Based on cooperation with Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) it uses also German database called GIDAS (German In-Depth Accident Study). This also ensures international data compatibility.

Data from in-depth accident analysis:

  • provides a comprehensive view of all the factors involved in a particular accident,
  • serves for the identification and subsequent analysis of characteristics leading to the occurrence of an accident, influencing its course and consequences.
  • The results of the investigation are not used for administrative or criminal proceedings – they are anonymous,
  • The proposed measures can be used to reduce accidents occurrence not only in critical locations,
  • The information about the vehicles deformations, interaction of vehicle and driver and others serves to the designers of new vehicles to increase the safety and to create new vehicle safety features.

Who conducts the investigation at the scene of traffic accident?

  • transport infrastructure specialist,
  • automotive technology specialist,
  • traffic psychologist.

The unique findings provided by the in-depth accident analysis are, as evidenced from other countries, utilised in the area of setting the priorities of controls and methodological management in the field of road safety, modifying and possibly developing standards and legislative framework at national and European level. The data from in-depth accident analysis can serve as a basis for carrying out state supervision in the field of driving schools. The findings from human factor analysis are applicable in traffic education of road users and prevention of risky behaviour. Based on the analysis of specific traffic accidents, a number of suggestions for traffic infrastructure modification are also provided.

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