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As a part of in-depth accident analysis we also participate in several research projects, and we also contribute in the field of education. Our initiatives are beneficial also for modifying traffic infrastructure and for vehicle manufactures.

Research and development – individual projects

Seniors in road traffic
The aim of the thematic report was to analyse selected safety issues related to the senior crashes using unique dataset of Czech in-depth Accident Study
Seniors in road traffic

Vulnerable road users
The aim of this study was the analysis of human functional failure leading to the accidents involving vulnerable road users and selected factors influencing injury severity of vulnerable road users.
Vulnerable road users: summary

The research of new approaches to pedestrian protection, tackling the crash of vehicle with moving figure of a pedestrian.

The development of active bonnet system with regard to the diversity of human population and the implementation of the biomechanical model of the human body.

New type of headrest
A special headrest which catches eccentric impact will react as airbag in the vehicle.

Our patents
Based on our long-term experience in traffic accident research, we have proposed two patents.


Seniors in road transport
Based on our practical experiences, we have developed a set of recommendations for working with aging population.

We participated in the design of new test questions which will be included in valid driving test sets.

LARP (Life Action Role Play) as an educational method in traffic education
Our psychologists contributed to create game scenarios as an educational method in traffic education.

Training and testing the drivers in the truck simulator
Dangerous situations of traffic accidents are part of the virtual reality of the vehicle simulator.

Study of the characteristics of severe and fatal injuries in road traffic
In the project, we focused on the identification and detailed analysis of the causes of severe and fatal injuries.

Driver distraction and inattention
For the purpose of awareness campaign „Inattention kills“ we prepared situations from real accidents.

Crisis intervention at the accident scene

One of the important tasks of our team right after arriving at the scene of traffic accident is to provide psychological support to people involved in the accident.

Identification of dangerous places on roads

The traffic infrastructure specialist carries out an analysis of the accident scene and its interaction with the vehicle and the behaviour of the road user in the investigation of every traffic accident.

Traffic accidents research results for vehicle manufacturers

Nowadays, vehicles are already equipped with a range of effective safety features, but there is still room for improvement. Vehicle manufacturers can base vehicle safety modifications on our traffic accidents research. An example is the new type of headrest.

Innovative Active Headrest System

Most currently used headrests are unable to protect the head and cervical spine during oblique and lateral collisions or during vehicle rotation. The principle of the developed active restraint system is to eliminate the risk of neck hyperextension especially during rear impact using various mechanisms to reduce the distance between the rear of the occupant's head and the neck and upper body. However, the mechanisms of active headrest systems differ slightly in type.

We present an active headrest with an innovative system that is being developed largely to eliminate injuries caused during side or oblique collisions.

The headrest should absorb the abrupt movement of the passenger in collisions by deploying a padded element on each side of the occupant’s head. These greatly reduce the extent of injuries to the head and cervical spine and prevent the head from moving sideways and the neck from twisting. A similar design is used in racing cars and child car seats, but common passenger cars are not equipped with it.

The results of the simulations suggest the active headrest has a significant benefit for head injury prevention in the case of oblique and side pole impacts. A decrease in injury risk was also observed for the neck. In the case of oblique side impacts, a significant decrease in the head injury risk was observed for all anthropometric types. The innovative active headrest reduces the probability of fatal injuries in side impact in vehicles without the head airbag.

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