What does the in-depth accident analysis team documents at the scene of traffic accident?

We are a team of specialists in the field of automotive technology, transport infrastructure and human factor in traffic. Our task is to as analyse why has the traffic accident occurred and what to do to prevent a similar accident from happening again. To paint the picture of the case as a whole, we need to analyse in detail the entire chain of events which led to a traffic accident.

How does the investigation of the research team at the scene of traffic accident look like?

The aim of the on -site investigation is to collect all data related to the accident and create an independent description of the whole accident scenario. The complete photographical documentation is gathered, a digital diagram of the accident scene is created and in some cases three-dimensional model (either of the damaged vehicles or the whole scene) is secured, that serves as a basis for the subsequent analysis of the traffic accident in the simulation program. They also gather preliminary information about sustained injuries.

Human factor and psychology

Psychologists trained in crisis intervention are prepared to provide support for anyone involved in the accident to handle the first critical moments after the incident.

Human factor research includes:

  • Providing crisis intervention (psychological support),
  • Interviewing people involved in the traffic accident (information about the course of the accident, vehicle- passenger interaction, possibilities to avoid the accident, perception of the traffic environment, physical and mental condition of the participant, driving experience, etc.).

Vehicle examination

Exterior vehicle inspection includes:

  • Measuring the scope of vehicle deformation,
  • Measuring vehicle technical parameters after traffic accident: length, width, vehicle height, tire pressure and their comparison with parameters listed in vehicle registration documents,
  • Vehicle technical defects.

Interior vehicle inspection includes:

  • Checking the airbag deployment,
  • Checking the seat belt condition and usage,
  • Determining deformation scope of the dashboard, steering wheel rim, etc.
  • Verifying safety features functionality during and after the accident.

Transport infrastructure

At the scene of accident expert on transport infrastructure documents:

  • Parameters of traffic accident location (view conditions, surroundings, height and width proportions, etc.)
  • Road surface (type and surface quality)
  • Traffic signs
  • Location of vehicles
  • Skid and brake marks
  • Weather conditions, etc.

Medical research

With the permission of the participants, medical experts receive detailed information concerning injuries and actual health condition of people injured during the accident. Injuries may be caused, for example, by inappropriate vehicle interior arrangement. The information are very useful for designing and developing new vehicle technology and safety features.

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